Bjørn Wiinblad Card (pack of six)

Bjørn Wiinblad Card (pack of six)


Notecard featuring “Thanks-Giving Square in the Heart of Dallas” designed by Bjørn Wiinblad.  Read below for a full description.

Pack of six cards and envelopes.

Danish artist Bjørn Wiinblad was contacted in August 1967 to begin ideas for a special poster promoting the development of Thanks-Giving Square. Wiinblad expressed the challenge of the concept, saying "I was terribly nervous about it, partly because it was a difficult theme — I hardly ever am confronted with big deep thoughts in my work... but I got through with a message I believe and gave it an artistic formulation, which I am sure is right.”

His signature bold colors and whimsical figures show a family enjoying a tranquil garden in the heart of the city. After the large painting was complete, Wiinblad oversaw the poster printing process in Denmark where a special layer of gold ink was applied over a first layer of four colors. The print was distributed to all major department stores and businesses in Dallas, filling window displays and store counters. Stanley Marcus (of Neiman Marcus) had worked with Wiinblad for years, and in a letter said that he thought this poster was one of Wiinblad's best. The highly-publicized artwork helped raise anticipation for the project, and it resulted in many early donations for the construction of Thanks-Giving Square.

The title of the poster is "Thanks-Giving Square in the Heart of Dallas," though some interpret and see a chalice or "cup of life" growing from the heart of Dallas. The original guoache painting is in the collection of The Thanks-Giving Foundation. Learn more.

This note card is a later reprint of the original poster design. It is sold in a pack of six cards and envelopes.