Purpose and Belief


Our PURPOSE is to bring together diverse people on the common ground of gratitude.


We BELIEVE, that by increasing the presence of GRATITUDE in people’s daily lives, we can promote understanding and create a common ground for harmony. A harmony that resonates on multiple dimensions including being at harmony with others, with our community, and with ourselves. Gratitude can guide us to that place of harmony

We BELIEVE that an individual that strives to live a life of VIRTUE will find happiness and contentment in their virtuous journey. Furthermore, virtuous people will necessarily advocate for public and civic virtue within the body politic, and will consequently improve the communities in which they live. Living within this framework, citizens will willingly exercise reasoned self-restraint, compassion, and decency, will find political compromise, and will set aside private interest for the good of society.

We BELIEVE that people of differences that reason together in a spirit of GOODWILL will resolve to a reasonable compromise. Goodwill is the basic component of “good people”…those with clean motives, and those who possess a lack of prejudice, cruelty and viciousness. Our neighbors and neighborhoods flourish in the presence of people of goodwill.