Showing Love and Solidarity to the Muslims of North Texas


A Statement from Faith Forward Dallas at Thanks-Giving Square

Communities of faith gathered last evening to express our brokenhearted sympathy for the families of the victims of the terrorist attack against Muslims at prayer in Christchurch, NZ.
Geographic distance does not estrange us as there are no boundaries to the embrace of faith in love and peace. We tremble in grief today that people of faith have been killed. And we tremble in the distress that people have been misled in faith to extremism that is not only exclusive but murderous. In standing firm against hatred and radicalism, we are cautious to not be blinded by our own tendencies.
While we unequivocally condemn these heinous actions against people of faith throughout the world, let us not harbor hatred of our own. United by the power of God, the power of Love, we drop to our knees in humility and position ourselves firmly beside the vulnerable.
In human solidarity, we commit ourselves to speaking and acting against all political and cultural attempts to marginalize people because of their faith, ethnicity or citizen status. Unified in the love of the Creator, we wrap our arms around Muslims today who grieve. We cannot relieve your grief, but we stand with you and love you in the midst of grief, as humans and people of faith in this together.

See below for news about the response of Faith Forward Dallas and The Thanks-Giving Foundation.


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