Thanks-Giving Square

A Spiritual Haven Rooted in Gratitude

Brought to life by four businessmen in 1964, Thanks-Giving Square serves as the soul and spiritual hub of the community. For more than 40 years, the architecturally significant, spiritually important Square has joined together myriad religions, cultures and traditions by providing a public space dedicated to gratitude.

The sunken design of the Garden at Thanks-Giving Square creates place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Flowing waters from the Great Fountain dampen the noises of the surrounding city and create a serene atmosphere perfect for reflecting and contemplation. To the west, the bell tower punctuates the space, complemented by the nearby mosaic of Norman Rockwell’s famous “Golden Rule” painting. To the east stands The Chapel of Thanksgiving, a winding white structure symbolizing the ancient spiral of life and the infinite upward reach of the human spirit. The upper level of the Chapel features the “Glory Window,” a stunning stained glass masterpiece, and one of the most memorable facets of the Chapel. The Hall of Thanksgiving serves as an event and meeting space, and provides a forum for lectures, interfaith meetings and educational programs.

Thanks-Giving Square is more than just a park. It’s a place where we can all stand together on common ground, reflect on gratitude and appreciate the diversity of our community. We invite you to visit and experience the power of gratitude for yourself.


Thanks-Giving Square is designed to inspire gratitude and to honor the great American and world traditions of thanksgiving. Find information about operating hours, access, and things to see during your visit.


Explore Thanks-Giving Square along nine waypoints with our self-guided tour available in six languages.


Thanks-Giving Square hosts numerous community programs throughout the year, including mindfulness workshops, food truck visits, and community concerts.


Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Philip Johnson was commissioned to bring the vision of Thanks-Giving Square to life. The Square is set fifteen feet below ground level with a four-foot wall blocking the sight of automobiles to create a serene, green island. At the western end of Thanks-Giving Square rises the bell tower where the processional experience begins. Walkways provide areas to sit and meditate.

Water plays a prominent role in the landscape, with active fountains masking city noise and leading visitors to the Center Court of Praise with its calm pools and Hall of Thanksgiving.

At the east end of Thanks-Giving Square stands the interfaith Chapel of Thanksgiving, a curving white structure symbolizing the ancient spiral of life and suggesting the infinite upward reach of the human spirit. A 100-foot-long bridge crosses the Great Fountain to arrive at the Chapel, which serves as a gathering place and a spiritual center for the daily life of the city.

Overt Religious symbolism is intentionally absent from the decoration of Thanks-Giving Square. Granite markers include references from Scripture, and the 100th Psalm is featured prominently in quotes and messages as delineated by Hindu, Jewish, Christian and Muslim authorities. Expressions of thanksgiving can be seen in mosaic, stained glass, engraving, and graphic art adorning the walls and windows throughout Thanks-Giving Square.


Thanks-Giving Square is a unique architectural setting for private services and events in the heart of downtown Dallas. We offer several options to meet the needs of both small and large gatherings.


The intimate Chapel of Thanksgiving has welcomed weddings, memorials, concerts, and other special services. This architectural jewel contains the Glory Window and a circular floorplan oriented toward a large marble cube. Access is via the spiral exterior ramp or dramatic bridge crossing the Great Fountain.

  • Capacity: 75 seated;
  • Rate:  $600/hour ($500/hour Sun thru Thurs) with 3 hour minimum*

* Rental time must include setup and tear down.  All rentals subject to availability at the sole discretion of staff.  For non-profits and community events, contact staff for discounted rates.


The Hall of Thanksgiving is a large circular room located beneath the Chapel and accessed from the Garden steps. It contains an open floorplan ideal for receptions or larger group meetings.

  • Capacity: about 100 seated; 
  • Rate: $600/hour ($500/hour Sun thru Thurs) with 3 hour minimum*

* Rental time must include setup and tear down.  All rentals subject to availability at the sole discretion of staff.  For non-profits and community events, contact staff for discounted rates.


The outdoor Garden is our most flexible space and contains four event areas of various sizes surrounded by vibrant landscaping and rushing fountains.

  • Upper Patio (small): 500 square feet
  • The Grove (medium): 1,800 square feet
  • Bell Tower Plaza (medium): 1,800 square feet
  • Center Court of Praise (large): 3,000 square feet
  • Rate: $600/hour ($500/hour Sun thru Thurs) with 3 hour minimum* during public hours (non-exclusive use). For exclusive use of the full Garden, the rate is $6,000/event ($5,000/event Sun thru Thurs) from 4pm to 11pm*.

* Rental time must include setup and tear down.  All rentals subject to availability at the sole discretion of staff.  For non-profits and community events, contact staff for discounted rates.


To reserve space or secure your event date, download the Special Event Brochure and return the request form. Contact a member of our staff if you have any questions.


Are you looking for a unique backdrop for a commercial photo or video shoot? Thanks-Giving Square has appeared in numerous films and videos (including “Dallas,” “Walker, Texas Ranger,” and Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life”). Contact staff for more information about availability, or fill out the photography request form below. Photography for personal use does not require permission.

We had our wedding here in February 2018. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that we had an absolutely memorable day! I would hands down recommend this chapel as a wedding venue. It is very unique, and the pictures don’t do it justice. We were able to experience a very intimate ceremony with our friends and family.

Researchers and spiritual leaders discovered a long history of “giving and living thanks” in Dallas. Thanksgiving — gratitude in action — was recognized as a human universal, present in cultures and faith traditions around the world. The Thanks-Giving Foundation was chartered to create a public space in the heart of the city dedicated in gratitude to God and to the “most ancient and enduring of American traditions.”

Forming the first public-private venture in the city’s history, the Thanks-Giving Foundation worked with the City of Dallas to acquire land in 1968. Construction began in 1973. Designated as one of the region’s American Revolution Bicentennial Projects, the Chapel of Thanksgiving and the Bell Tower were dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1976. President Gerald Ford recognized Thanks-Giving Square as a “major national shrine.” The remainder of the grounds opened in 1977, two hundred years after General George Washington proclaimed the first national Day of Thanksgiving on request of the Continental Congress.

Today, Thanks-Giving Square continues to serve as common ground 
where people of all cultures and religions are welcome. What began as a simple park has become a refuge and space to celebrate values, thoughts, and spirituality.

Honoring our founders

In 1964, four businessmen — Joe O. Neuhoff, Julius Schepps, John M. Stemmons, and Peter P. Stewart — wanted the City of Dallas to be known not only for its worldly aspirations and economic accomplishments, but also for the enduring heart of its citizens.

As President of the Foundation Directors, Peter P. Stewart was the driving force behind this effort, involved in every step as the ambitious vision was transformed into reality. His guidance ensured that the oasis created in downtown Dallas was not merely a park, but a “shrine for the future.” Fifty years later, Stewart and The Thanks-Giving Foundation were honored with the Spirit of the United Nations Award for Youth Outreach.

Leadership by the founders and the sacrifices of countless citizens and donors contributed to make Thanks-Giving Square a reality, not just for the current generation but for generations to come.

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