“SERVING UP GRATITUDE” IS A new initiative tHAT expresses APPRECIATION to OUR COMMUNITY’s front line healthcare workers and first responders DURING the fight against COVID-19. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

The Thanks-Giving Foundation brings diverse peoples together on the common ground of gratitude.

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Thanks-Giving Square is more than just a park. It’s a place where we can all stand together on common ground, reflect on gratitude and appreciate the diversity of our community. We invite you to visit and experience the power of gratitude for yourself.

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Let all your friends know that you are a Gratitude Enthusiast by showing off your Thanks-Giving Foundation gear. We are proudly offering t-shirts, mugs, posters and note cards for your purchase. Also, we are offering “in-lieu-of” cards for your gifting opportunities.

Featured Programs & Initiatives

2020 Faiths in Conversation

Join us for this free, family-friendly community event presented by the Interfaith Council of The Thanks-Giving Foundation.
National Day of Prayer Luncheon
A community-wide tradition where multiple faith groups share prayers for the nation.
Festival of Faiths & Cultures
A biannual program showcasing faith traditions in North Texas.
Faiths in Conversation
A special speaker series presented by the Interfaith Council.
Serving Up Gratitude
Expressing appreciation to front line healthcare workers and first responders during the fight against COVID-19.
By generously supporting The Thanks-Giving Foundation, you join in the movement of gratitude that leads to a greater community and a greater world.


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