Faith Forward Dallas at Thanks-Giving Square

Organization and MEMBERSHIP

Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced individuals making a difference in the community.


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Clergy Organization

Our Clergy Organization is made up of individual members in these categories:

Faith Leaders: authorized by ordination, commissioned by faith community, or involved in congregational leadership.

Friends: welcome to attend large group meetings and participate on committees.


Faith Leaders: Dues of $90 annually (90 is a multiple of 18, the Jewish meaning for life).

Friends: Donations are welcome, but not mandatory.


Executive Committee: Convener, Convener-Elect/Treasurer, Executive Director, CEO of The Thanks-Giving Foundation.

Leadership Council: Made up of 14 to 15 members who are appointed by the Executive committee, responsible for decision-making as needed.

Committees: Each chair will nominate a Chair-Elect.

  • Civic Engagement Committee
    Task Forces: Each coordinator will nominate a co-coordinator

    • Housing Solutions (Homelessness)
    • Equal Justice (Law Enforcement)
    • Migrant Status (Refugees and Immigrants)
    • Gun Sense (Gun Control and Gun Violence)
  • Crisis Management Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • New Members & Relationship Committee
  • Rev. Rachel Baughman – Chair
  • Rabbi Andrew Paley – Chair-Elect
  • Almas Muscatwalla – Executive Director
  • Kyle Ogden – President & CEO, The Thanks-Giving Foundation
Leadership Council 2020
  • Almas Muscatwalla – Executive Director
  • Rev. Rachel Baughman – Chair
  • Rabbi Andrew Paley – Chair-Elect
  • Rev. Heather Mustain – Committee Convener, Civic Engagement
  • Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas – Committee Convener, Membership
  • Rev Amy Moore – Committee Convener, Communication
  • Rev Karen Fry – Committee Convener, Crisis Management
  • Pastor George Mason – Immediate Past Chair
  • Imam Omar Suleiman – Emeritus Co-Chair FFD@TGS
  • Rabbi Nancy Kasten – Emeritus Co-Chair FFD@TGS
  • Rev. Daniel Kanter – Member at large
  • President Mark Romney – Member at large
  • Rev. Andy Stoker – Member at large
  • Kambiz Rafraf – Member at large
  • Harbhajan Singh Virdee – Member at large
  • Rabbi Ari Sunshine – Member at large
  • Fr. Stephen Bierschenk – Member at large
  • Rev. Irie Session – Member at large
  • Imam Azhar Subedar – Member at large
  • Rev. Heather Mustain – Committee Convener, Civic Engagement
  • Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas – Committee Convener, Membership
  • Rev Amy Moore – Committee Convener, Communication
  • Rev Karen Fry – Committee Convener, Crisis Management
Civic Engagement Task Forces

Task Force Coordinators

  • Housing Solutions (Rev. Jonathan Grace)
  • Migrant Status (Rabbi Nancy Kasten)
  • Gun Sense (Rev. Deanna Hollas)
  • Equal Justice (Rev. Joshua Manning & Rev Erik Folkerth)

Dallas Morning News Faith Advisory Committee

Faith Leaders from Faith Forward Dallas are invited to be part of the Faith Advisory Committee for The Dallas Morning News.

This committee promises to be an opportunity to discuss some of the most important questions facing our community in a setting designed to inform articles published in the national paper of Texas, The Dallas Morning News. The discussion itself will be off the record, but we hope it will help shape a regular column we will publish weekly in our Sunday Points section.

We will hold meetings monthly at various locations across the area.  For our first meeting, the Rev. Chris Girata has graciously agreed to host us, so please join us in extending a hearty thank you to Rev. Girata and St. Michael.

Our overall aim for the column is to discuss issues relating living one’s faith. Each month we will offer a topic to start a discussion. This month, we suggest starting off with the topic of education.  What is the role of faith institutions, faith leaders and lay people of faith in improving k-12 education?

The Dallas Morning News Faith Advisory Committee is an initiative to prompt and reflect in the newspaper a full and sophisticated faith discussion on issues in the news and everyday life. Our approach is to gather respected North Texas faith leaders for monthly discussions that may yield ideas for commentary and editorials.

  • Rev. George Mason
  • Rabbi Andrew Paley
  • Rev. Daniel Kanter
  • Imam Omar Sulaiman
  • Rabbi Nancy Kasten
  • Rev. Michael Waters
  • Rev. Andy Stoker
  • Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas
  • Imam Azhar Subedar
  • Rev. Richie Butler
  • Rev. Bryan Carter
  • Rev. Christopher Girata
  • Rev. Matthew Ruffner
  • Rev. Rachel Baughman
  • Bishop Michael McKee
  • Almas Muscatwalla
  • Kyle Ogden
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