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A biannual program showcasing faith traditions in North Texas, presented by the Interfaith Council of The Thanks-Giving Foundation.

Program Description


During the spring month of March, the Interfaith Council celebrates many of the traditions that acknowledge rituals of the season. This festival includes an exhibit, food sampling, music, ceremonies and presentations from various faiths. The purpose is to share commonalities and difference between faith groups and to appreciate the mutual recognition of the rituals. This event is free and open to the community.


Celebrate the onset of winter with religious and cultural expressions of joy. The Winter Festival of Faiths at is a free community event showcasing faith traditions through dance, song, music and more.

Upcoming Events


This event aims to exemplify the American values of gratitude and inclusion, and to present cross-cultural exchanges that enrich the American experience for its residents and society at large.  Each event features performances that are representative of the cultures from four areas of the world:  Central and Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.  Included in these performances are exciting vocals, instrumentals, and dances.


The Festival of Faiths exemplifies the American values of gratitude and inclusion.
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