Serving Up Gratitude-- Restaurants

With financial support from North Texas Cares, a consortium of local funders that have come together during the COVID pandemic, The Thanks-Giving Foundation is about to launch another round of our initiative “Serving Up Gratitude”.  Like our first round in 2020, we will be again expressing the community’s gratitude to frontline workers.  We think it is also an important element of this effort that we provide support to the restaurants and the restaurant workers that are such a vital part of our community.

This next round is scheduled to happen the week of May 9th, when we will feed the frontline workers at eight area hospitals, the Dallas Police Department, and the Dallas Fire and Rescue Department.  We are purchasing individually packaged grab-n-go meals in minimums of 50 each, and we typically order at least two days in advance.  The meals must be delivered to the location that is designated at the time of order.  You of course may choose to not accept the order if you can’t manage the delivery as requested.  We will pay $12.50 per meal (including delivery and tip), and it is up to each individual restaurant as to what to include (drinks are not required).  I’m counting on our restaurant partners to provide a hearty meal that truly expresses the community’s gratitude for the heroic work done by these amazing people.  We will pay by credit card on the day of service.

It goes without saying that you must take extra measures to provide our local heroes with a well prepared, safe and healthy meal free of contaminates, etc.  As previously mentioned, each meal must be individually packaged, and must include the necessary cutlery, napkins, etc.  We will provide branded Serving Up Gratitude and sponsor stickers to apply to each meal, and you are welcome to insert a menu promoting your restaurant.  You may also want to offer your own discounts on future visits and for take-out orders.  We hope that you will reach some new loyal customers as a result of your participation in the program.

If you would like to participate in Serving Up Gratitude 2022, I need to be sure I have good current contact information.  Please provide the requested information in the form below.  While we cannot be sure that we will be able to purchase meals from all restaurants that enroll in the program, we will do our best to distribute the business.

Thanks, and please stay well!

  • Mexican, Italian, etc.