I’m inspired by music, art and building something important.

I became the president and CEO of The Thanks-Giving Foundation because I wanted to do something important in the bigger civic context, and build something sustainable for the citizens of Dallas.

The Thanks-Giving Foundation is a platform from which we can influence the future of our community, and I believe my contribution of time, effort and resources can make a real difference as an accelerant of positive change. The physical and programmatic enhancements we’ve made are being noticed, and I’m proud that our vision will deliver us to a place of importance within the nonprofit landscape.

Before joining The Thanks-Giving Foundation, I was the chairman, president and CEO of Carroll Company. I received a Bachelor of Business Administrations degree in honors business and a Master of Business Administration degree in accounting and finance from the University of Texas at Austin, and went on to earn my CPA license.

In my spare time, I enjoy golf, baseball and travel. My wife and I have four adult children.

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