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01 Oct: The Convener October 2021

Toyota aired a commercial during this past Summer Olympics that caught my attention. In the advertisement, they stated “you don’t have to be amazing to get started, but you do have to get started to be amazing.” Perhaps they were referring to greatness in sports, but arguably the principle is a truism that transcends sports and applies to life in general. Consider, for instance, cause engagement.
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01 Sep: The Convener September 2021

I told you in an earlier Convener newsletter that Thanks-Giving Square has no institutional political or religious ideology, and thus in these areas we have no agenda to advance. Our views are neither conservative nor liberal. We don’t prefer dogs over cats, and we don’t express an opinion on beef vs. fish! We remain neutral on most things. This neutrality makes Thanks-Giving Square the ideal convener of thoughtful, diverse idea exchange on topics of importance to our community. Watch for more programming that probes at the issues and questions of the day. Convening Conversations That Matter is one of the ways we seek to lead the way to Higher Ground.

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01 Aug: The Convener August 2021

Have you noticed that the Universe loves gratitude? The more grateful you are, the more goodies you get. When I say “goodies,” I don’t mean only material things. I mean all the people, places, and experiences that make life so wonderfully worth living. You know how great you feel when your life is filled with love and joy and health and creativity, and you get the green lights and the parking places. This is how our lives are meant to be lived. The Universe is a generous, abundant giver, and it likes to be appreciated.