Amy Lewis Hofland

I believe that showing gratitude creates a more compassionate society.

I believe that showing gratitude creates a more compassionate society. To help bring this practice to life, I serve on the board of directors of The Thanks-Giving Foundation, and hold various other board leadership positions in my community. I’m also working to establish Dallas as a City of Compassion, which motivated me to form and co-chair The Compassion Council for the Dallas Arts District.

My position as Executive Director at the Crow Museum of Asian Art in Dallas has granted me the opportunities to speak at public lectures and author books on the artistic traditions of Asian Art. Since the museum’s inception in 1998, I’ve had the privilege of recruiting leading Asian art scholars, and launching the museum as the first wellness museum in the United States. I’ve also had the honor of shaping the museum’s award-winning education programs to emphasize and empower collaboration and collective learning.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Master of Arts degree in art education from the University of North Texas, where I was proud to be part of the Marcus Fellow program.

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