Ron Gafford

Gratitude is not taking anything for granted.

To me, gratitude is being thankful, day in and day out, for the blessings bestowed upon us. We didn’t choose our parents, nor our zip code. And if I had chosen, I wouldn’t do a thing differently.

I’ve been interested in The Thanks-Giving Foundation since its inception, and have served on the board of directors since about 1995. Initially, I was attracted to the vision of Peter Stewart and what Thanks-Giving Square meant for the city of Dallas: A jewel in the epicenter of downtown, long before there were parks or people living in the area.

After retiring from a 47-year career in the construction and development business, I’m currently engaged in private investments and board membership in public, private and nonprofit boards.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in building construction from Texas A&M University and an Advanced Management Program degree from the Graduate School of Business, Harvard University.

I’ve been married to my wife Rebecca for 46 years. We have two children David and Jennifer, and four grandsons Dean, Eirik, Finn and Owen.

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